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Winning by Design: Why You Need the Saas Sales Method and Team

Sure, you can publish awesome content like this post and wait for the organic traffic to begin rolling in, but that timeline just isn’t always feasible. For some startups, a wholesome outbound sales process is essential going to early goals. You will need sales, and you will need them now.

So naturally, most SaaS companies look against getting on a sales force. Not really a bad idea. But many underestimate the monumental job that may be. Winning by Design, Mobile phone sales aren’t that big of the deal when you’re a creator. Your home is and breathing your business. You know it inside and out. You know how to sell it to every customer persona. But things get a little hairy when it’s time for you to focus on the big picture. If you haven’t done it before, you’ll quickly realize there is a lot that you’ll need to consider. Luckily, there are some excellent SaaS sales examples out there to follow. Well-documented ones at that. There are plenty of startups that have produced from $0 in revenue to six physiques MRRs in a few short weeks.

So as you look to grow your business and bring in people that you hope will be as passionate and effective at selling your product as you are – temper your targets a bit. You may get work, but it will require time and there.

Let’s Focus on Some Notes

Before you bring your first salesperson up to speed, you ‘must’ have a plan set up. You can’t just throw a collection of leads at a salesperson and expect the amount of money to begin flowing. This isn’t “Glengarry Glen Ross.” You are able to hire the best salespeople in the world; nevertheless, you shouldn’t expect them to place your complete script jointly for you. As the founder of your SaaS, sales should come relatively naturally for you. At least, the educational product-focused aspects should. That won’t be true for your sales force. They’ll want some assistance. As it pertains time to begin scaling and getting on salespeople, you’ll quickly find that your unscripted chats about your software won’t be accepted so warmly.

Start taking records.

Outline the various chapters of each sales call. You’ll probably observe that you were, wittingly or unwittingly, pursuing some typical sales intelligence. Once you’ve been on enough telephone calls it just kind of comes normally. HubSpot wrote an extremely good piece on phone sales and handling objections here. Reading through that, you’ll probably see that you were already doing many of the recommended things on your own.

Still – use your own conversations to produce your outline. After having been a part of dozens (or hundreds…or thousands…) of these calls, you should have a rough outline that you follow, even if (in your mind) you were winging it each time out. Take note of the phrases and ways that you describe your product to potential customers. You’ve adopted them because they are effective and elicit positive results from potential customers.

After a few calls and rigorous note-taking, you should have a solid rough outline of your own process. Now, whether you should boil that outline down into a script is a source of extreme argument in sales. Whether or not you use a script, you still need a process for your salespeople to follow.

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