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Tips and How to Start On Doing Business in Vancouver

Today’s blog post is on the lighter side. Some of my comments are in jest so please take them with a grain of salt.  The post was motivated by a series of ideas I submitted on Twitter and the impulse I got from many people on Twitter. Beginning a business in Canada may appear overpowering at first. There are simply therefore many factors to perform! This information to the beginning a business resource on the Small Business Canada site is designed to help you make your dream of becoming an entrepreneur a reality.

温哥华 – Each step of this guide links to detailed information that will show you how to complete that step. The steps are roughly in order but you don’t need to follow the order slavishly when you’re starting a business.

Come up with a good business idea.

One thing that’s the same about starting a business in Canada as anywhere else is that you need a good business idea first. Follow the link above to discover choices of little and home-based business concepts you can search through, how to arrive up with earning business concepts of your very own, and how to check the viability of your business idea once you’ve selected one.

 Register your business name.

Business name enrollment is a legal necessity for almost all businesses in Canada. Discover out whether or not really you possess to register your brand-new business’s name and find out all the information about business name enrollment for new businesses in Canada here.

Get a business license.

While not necessary for all businesses, many new businesses will need to get business licenses before they can operate legally within their municipalities. If your city or town does not have a website, you can find the information in the blue pages of your phone book.

You may also need other licenses and permits depending on what kind of business you’re starting. Industry Canada’s BizPaL is a really useful tool for finding out what permits and licenses you’ll need to do business.

For those of you who are new to Vancouver or plan on visiting for business here are tips on doing business in Vancouver:

Tip #1   Your meeting has a good chance of starting late.

Tip #2   You will most likely talk about 8 non-related things before getting down to business.

Tip #3   Your meeting will most likely take place in Starbucks

Tip #4    Your meeting may be bumped by something of little consequence until you learn Vancouver priorities

Tip #5    Vancouverites are friendly but take time to introduce and endorse you. They take business personally.

Tip #6    Green is the new bling and being too busy is a sign of business weakness.

Tip #7    Not everyone in Vancouver is into doing business.

Tip #8   When you don’t get a call back right away don’t worry and don’t get offended. Follow-up again.

Tip #9   Everyone knows everyone, and many have done business with each other at some point.

 Tip #10 It’s all about interactions and what systems you’re linked to. Take your time getting to know who is usually connected to whom. Join your local Table of Trade and corresponding Vancouver Linkedin and Meetup groups as a start.

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