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The New Press Release Guidelines

There are hundreds or maybe thousands of business owners out there, waiting for their press releases to get approval. Some of them get approved and many are still on pending. There is not a lot that can be done to get your press release to be approved, rather than focus on how it needs to be written. If you write it well, it can be amazing enough to gather attention. Here are simple guidelines that can aid you in making a wonderful press release and increase your chances of getting it approved too. Let’s get started!


First things first, what is a press release? It is a public announcement that a company makes in hope of gathering media attention and making their news go public through different press release distribution channels. The only thing that needs to be focused on primarily is to make sure that the news you are planning to announce is valid and big. Irrelevant news doesn’t intrigue the reporter and that is where you lose all your chances. So how do you need to write a press release?

  • Press release needs to be very precise. Title should not exceed 70 characters. Keep it short, attractive and don’t forget to focus on keywords.
  • Don’t capitalize words in the headlines. Just the first word needs to be capitalized and that is it. Focus on SEO for sure and put in some keywords.
  • Your news angle expression needs to be simple and precise
  • Keep the format of the press release proper. Keep it tidy and don’t add in anything on your own.
  • Make your company identification clear. Include the name and don’t forget to put in the contact details.
  • Also date your press release and make sure that you mention whether it has to be published right away or at a certain date.


So here are some simple things that you need to take care of while writing a press release.

  • Don’t write in a superlative manner or a technical language that gets hard to understand
  • Insufficient information is a huge mistake and you need to avoid it. Make sure everything is required.
  • Do not leave any editing unattended. It is going to be a big NO for the publisher.


While submitting your press release, it is always a good idea to suggest some powerful keywords on top of your release. These are suggested as tags but need to be keywords. The keywords that are good are picked up by the publishing company and then attached to the press release post. This brings huge chances of great search engine optimization and this allows online attention to be derived to your press release.

It is fine to embed html links in the body of your press release. Just don’t embed a lot of them because overdoing this is going to make it sound promotional. And you need to remember that a press release is anything but promotional. This link can be a video that showcases your service or product or can be your site link too.



Length of a press release is a very important factor to pay attention to. To make your press release ideal, make sure that it does not exceed 600 words. Keep it between 400 or 600 and that is fine.

At the end, make sure that your press release is legal and you are not using anyone else’s material in it. You can claim it yours by all means. Keep it professional and before sending it out, proof read it to ensure that there are no mistakes.

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