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Just how much is giving back a part of your office’s culture? You will be hard-pressed to find a successful company who hasn’t made an effort to spread its good fortune around. It’s important for businesses big and small to make a difference in a way that is authentic and ties back to the organization’s goals. With the manpower and resources at their disposal, business leaders are in a unique position to make a difference. If every company arrived collectively to dedicate time, resources and, in some cases, funds to charities, the potential for positive change could be boundless. While a desire to give back without anticipating anything in return is paramount, there’s no doubt it can also have a positive impact on your workplace.

Dedicating your time and resources to a cause that your team cares about and uplifting others to do the same can increase employee engagement. Here are some lessons I have learned all about the need for giving back again for organizations and exactly how charitable initiatives can inspire devotion.

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A mindset of abundance inspires confidence

At LinkedIn, we keep “InDays,” getting employees together to activate in an organized activity monthly. Last spring, most of us came collectively to help tidy up a local recreation area. It was an easy task, but I noticed from many employees that particular InDay was significant to them and made them feel linked to the city and also to our company.

When employees and clients see company management giving back again sincerely, it generates a mentality of abundance. Buying your community transmits a solid message that your business is flourishing and that you want others to share in your success. This inspires confidence in your business and by extension; trust in your leadership, which can have a positive impact on employee loyalty.

Shared experiences build relationships

This past year, LinkedIn worked with Junior Achievement to help high school students learn about what it takes to run a company – teaching valuable business and financial literacy skills. It was an incredible experience for everyone who participated and also applied the expertise of our employees in a meaningful way. Our team shared the satisfaction of having a positive effect on someone’s life, which served as a powerful bonding tool.

Striving towards a common goal and supporting a cause that you believe in can create a sense of community among your employees. The strongest business relationships have a personal component, and providing your employees with shared experiences outside of the office can reinforce positive working relationships.

Culture is key when retaining top talent

To earn employees’ loyalty, you must provide them with a workplace they can be proud of. Giving back is a critical component of creating a flourishing workplace culture and ensures that your organization is approximately more than its important thing. Lead by example and empower your employees to produce a difference. By working collectively towards a reason that you will be interested in, you supply them with a chance to add value that stretches away from the company and into the community.

Focus on the big picture

It is simple to get bogged down by balance sheets and bottom level lines and lose view of the larger picture, but it is very important that businesses recognize the energy they need to improve their areas and the world. Celebrating and performing when the potential of your employees to produce a difference can empower these to shoot for change, rather than focusing on short-term gain. If you demonstrate the worthiness of giving back, this may trickle down during your organization.

I believe leaders have a social responsibility to take advantage of their position to make a positive change in the world and enable their employees to do the same. Employees remain loyal to leaders who inspire and empower them to achieve greatness. Demonstrating your commitment to a cause, and motivating others to follow you can have a powerful effect on your relationships with your employees, their relationships with each other and with the company as a whole. Once your company starts making giving back a priority, you’ll find the opportunities to make change are limitless and the benefits are too.

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